‘Children must hold maths in their hands before they hold it in their head’. 

At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary, we follow the National Curriculum, in ensuring all pupils become:

  • Fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics 
  • Able to reason mathematically 
  • Able to solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge 

We offer to support and challenge children appropriately, so that they fulfil all curriculum requirements by the time that they have finished their primary education. We understand the value of early mathematics’ understanding and ensure our children are equipped with the basics in maths and a deep understanding of core facts to develop automatic recall of key mathematics components.  

We want all children to be prepared for the next step in their academic journey, as well as instilling a love of mathematics within all pupils. We recognise that positive attitudes towards mathematics goes hand in hand with success in the subject.  

We aim to equip children with all of the essential life skills by the time they leave us, including telling the time, paying for items with money, designing and measuring objects and many more. We ensure that the love of maths that we foster within children equips them for a range of jobs they may want to one day start, all of which would require some level of mathematics to be successful in. We understand the complexities of mathematics in secondary school and try to equip our pupils appropriately for this next stage in their education.  

We ensure that our diverse mix of children are submerged into a vocabulary rich curriculum and that all mathematical terms and words are understood and applied. 

Finally, we want children to love maths and to look forward to their lessons and see the wider world benefit of the subject.

Curriculum - Maths - Key Documents

Curriculum - Maths - Pupil & Staff Quotes

‘I enjoy singing number songs with the children. Such a fun way to learning all about numbers’ – EYFS Staff 

‘My favourite thing about teaching Maths is seeing a child experience their own lightbulb moment’ – St Bart's Staff 

‘I love using the White Rose Scheme. It provides a range of ideas, support and inspiration to apply in every lesson’ – St Bart's Staff

‘Using manipulatives makes our Maths lessons fun, engaging and accessible for all abilities’ – St Bart's Staff 

‘My class love learning Maths. We particularly love singing counting songs, it’s a great way to learn our timetables’ – KS1 Staff 

‘I love learning all about numbers’ – KS1 Pupil 

‘Our Maths at St Barts is fun!’ – KS2 Pupil 

‘I enjoy Maths because I like learning about useful things like time. I can then use that everyday’ – KS2 Pupil 

‘I love Maths because I get to learn something new everyday!’ – KS2 Pupil 

‘Knowing my timetables and some division facts allows me to work out other mathematical questions’ – KS2 Pupil 

‘Once I have finished my Maths work, I love to get a Math Challenge and test my own thinking’ – KS2 Pupil 

Curriculum - Maths - Useful Links

Number Blocks

Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks Games

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths - Maths with Michael

Curriculum - Maths - Telling the Time

In class 6, we have been learning to tell the time in Maths. We have started with o'clock and half past and will be moving onto quarter to and quarter past next.


Curriculum - Maths - Exploring Numbers Beyond 10

We used the numicon to explore numbers beyond 10. We found teen numbers using a ten an the correct amount of ones.


Curriculum - Maths - Fractions

In maths, we have been continuing our work about fractions in class 6. Some of us practiced finding half of an amount using concrete objects. 


Curriculum - Maths - Teen Numbers

Here are class 1 making teen numbers!


Curriculum - Maths - Measure

We have been learning about measure in Maths this week. Today, we estimated and measured how many cubes different objects weigh.


Curriculum - Maths - Numbers up to 50

We have been learning our numbers up to 50 in class 3. Some of the boys completed this week’s tuff tray activity. We are all very impressed with them!


Curriculum - Maths - Exploring 3D Shapes

Reception exploring 3D Shapes.


Curriculum - Maths - Perimeter

This week in class 12 we have been looking at perimeter. Today we have been working together to find the perimeter of shapes.


Curriculum - Maths - Number Day

Class 7 had an amazing number day, they enjoyed all the activities, the visitors and learnt lots through games.  


Curriculum - Maths - Tens & Ones

Class 4 have been learning about tens and ones. We have been finding out how many tens and ones are in numbers to 50.


Curriculum - Maths - Parent Session

We had a really successful maths session with parents on Friday 2nd February.

Many parents attended so we could explain how maths is taught in school and what parents could do at home to support children. We handed out guides for parents to take home. Some of our year 6 children also demonstrated the methods we use in school to teach maths.

Thank you to everyone who attended.


Curriculum - Maths - Division

In class 6, we have moved onto division in Maths. We have practically explored this concept by using concrete objects to help our understanding. 


Curriculum - Maths - Various Activities

Class 6 have enjoyed completing a range of different maths activities!


Curriculum - Maths - Captain Morgan Workshop

Class 13 have loved the workshop with Captain Morgan this morning. They worked in teams cracking the multi-stage mathematical problems. 


Curriculum - Maths - Bee Bots

Class 15 enjoyed using their maths skills to program the Bee Bots, whilst practising their knowledge of co-ordinates.


Curriculum - Oracy - Maths Investigation

Today we used our oracy skills to actively listen and respond to our partners, when solving a maths investigation about time.


Curriculum - Maths - Multiplication (Arrays)

This week we have looked at multiplication. Today we discussed arrays and created our own arrays for different number sentences.  


Curriculum - Maths - Multiplication Calculations

In maths, class 6 have been using arrays to help them solve multiplication calculations. 


Curriculum - Maths - Doubling Numbers

This week we have been using counters to help us to double numbers. We are getting very good at it!


Curriculum - Maths - Numbers 1 to 5

In maths we have been looking at numbers to 5; counting, comparing and making them. This week we have been focusing on their numerals and matching them to the correct amount. We have loved doing this with Numberblocks! 


Curriculum - Maths - Subitising

The children in Reception have been practicing their subitising skills and recognising amounts without counting. We used Dot Cards to subitise the amounts and then use counters to copy the patterns. 


Curriculum - Maths - Maths Rucksacks

The Maths Home Learning Rucksacks have been refreshed and updated, just in time for maths week and number day! A child from each class will get to take the rucksack home each weekend and enjoy a range of fun maths activities at home! Such as, stories, games and jigsaws. If you take the rucksack home, please send us some pictures by emailing mathsrucksacks@stbartsleeds.org.uk


Curriculum - Maths - 2 Digit Numbers & Decimals

In class 9 we have been dividing 2 digit numbers with remainders. We worked together and used match sticks and number lines to support to help us. 


Curriculum - Maths - Numbers 1 to 20

We have been learning to add with numbers from 1-20. We used the counters to help us!


Curriculum - Maths - Multiplication & Division

In maths, class 6 have started to learn about multiplication and division. We have begun our topic by exploring equal groups. 


Curriculum - Maths - Money

In maths, class 6 have been learning all about money. We have identified different coins and notes, ordered coins by value and added amounts together.


Curriculum - Maths - Apparatus & The Pictoral Method

Class 7 have been working really hard in maths learning how to add and subtract, first using concreate apparatus, then pictorial method. After working hard to perfect these, pupils then showed their working out in their books. Some pupils found the exchanging difficult to begin with but the more they practiced the better they got. Super work class 7!


Curriculum - Maths - 2D and 3D Shapes

We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes in maths. The children enjoyed making their own 3D shapes using playdough.


Curriculum - Maths - Maths City

Curriculum - Maths - Maths City


Curriculum - Maths - Circles & Triangles

In Maths we have been learning about circles and triangles. We sorted them, drawn them and made pictures from them. The children also went on a shape hunt at home to find circles and triangles!


Curriculum - Maths - Multiplication

Today we practiced multiplying by 1 and 0. We consolidated our multiplication knowledge by tackling some ‘fast finishers’ challenge cards and then we practiced our times tables on TT Rockstars. 


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10 & Subtracting

Class 6 are carrying on with our addition and subtraction work in Maths. Today, we have used the Base 10 to practically explore subtraction. 


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10 (Class 5)

Children in class 5 have used base 10 to add 2 digit numbers. What a fantastic job they did!


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10 Calculations

In maths, class 6 have been adding two-digit numbers, using the Base 10 to help us work out the calculations practically. 


Curriculum - Maths - Number Bonds to 20

Children in class 5 investigated number bonds to 20 using the Rekenreks. They also looked at creating different fact families using the 3 numbers. They were able to make 2 addition and 2 subtraction calculations.


Curriculum - Maths - Number Bonds

In class 6, we have used the rekenreks in Maths to help us with our learning about number bonds and fact families. 


Curriculum - Maths - Adding & Subtracting

In maths, year 2 are going to be learning all about addition and subtraction this half term. In class 6, we started our learning today by using rekenreks and tens frames to recap our number bonds to 10.


Curriculum - Maths - Edges, Faces and Vertices

In maths we have looked at 3D shapes today we used our knowledge of edges, faces and vertices to make 3D shapes.


Curriculum - Maths - Numbers to Ten

In maths, this group are learning numbers to ten. Today it was Pippi’s 6th birthday so we made cards and buns for her. We practised writing number six and carefully counted six candles and six sweets to put on her bun. Pippi is going to have a very full tummy!


Curriculum - Maths - Patterns

In maths, class 6 enjoyed a carousel of activities to learn all about repeating patterns.


Curriculum - Maths - Subtracting

Class 11 have started looking at subtracting across 10s and how to exchanged from one column to another. They worked collaboratively to solve calculations in a variety of ways, using concrete resources. 


Curriculum - Maths - Mastering Numbers

Class 3 have loved using the rekenreks as part of the mastering number sessions they have been doing on an afternoon. 


Curriculum - Maths - 3D Shapes

In maths, class 6 have been looking at 3D shapes. We have labelled different shapes, looked at the properties, and used shapes to build 3D models. 


Curriculum - Maths - Shape

We have continued our shape learning in class 6 this week. We have looked at the properties then had a go at making and drawing the shapes ourselves.


Curriculum - Maths - 2D Shapes

In year 2 we are learning all about shape in Maths. Today we identified and named 2D shapes, then some children went on a shape hunt all around school to see what 2D shapes are in the environment. We have also looked at making 2d shapes using different materials. 


Curriculum - Maths - Column Addition

Today in maths class 9 worked really hard using column addition to add 1s across 10.


Curriculum - Maths - Addition & Subtraction

This week in year 4 we are looking at addition and subtraction. Today we have been using practical resources to represent numbers and answer addition calculations.


Curriculum - Maths - Multi Step Addition & Subtraction

This week class 13 have enjoyed working in groups to decipher multi-step addition and subtraction problems.


Curriculum - Maths - Rekenreks

This week class 3 have been learning how to use rekenreks. They have all worked really hard and should be proud of themselves. 


Curriculum - Maths - Greater or Less

In maths we have worked hard recognising 2digit numbers, we have used the base ten to help us represent numbers. Today we used the base ten to make numbers and then showed if the number was greater than or less than using the correct symbol. 


Curriculum - Maths - Multiplication Knowledge

Class 16 recapped over their multiplication knowledge in Maths. Children modelled and discussed how to complete column multiplication questions and then completed work in their exercise books - some children focusing on short multiplication and some working on long multiplication.  


Curriculum - Maths - 2 Digit Numbers

In class 5 children have been practising their number formation to write 2 digit numbers. They have used chalk, glitter, match sticks and playdough to make numbers to 100.  The children worked in pairs to represent the numbers in different ways using words, tens and ones and part whole models. Well done class 5 for your super team work!


Curriculum - Maths - Place Value

Last week class 12 were looking at place value in maths and we making numbers up to 10,000 using different resources. 


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10 & 2 Digit Numbers

Class 5 have enjoyed using base 10 to represent 2 digit numbers. They challenged their partner to build a number. Children also used pictoral representations too! Well done!


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10 (Year 2)

In maths, class 6 have been using Base 10 to learn about the value of digits in a two-digit number.


Curriculum - Maths - Numerals as Words

We have been learning how to write numerals as words this week in class 6. We practiced writing these on whiteboards and in our books. Some of us played a matching game - matching the word to the correct numeral. 


Curriculum - Maths - Using Dienes

Today in maths we worked in pairs to practice flexible partitioning using dienes.


Curriculum - Maths - Base 10

Today we represented numbers to 1000 using base 10.


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