At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary, PSHE is at the heart of our ethos and our curriculum enables pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to become happy and healthy members of our community. Our whole school approach to PSHE provides pupils with the early building blocks to allow them to succeed and thrive, both in the next step of their academic journey and within their future life in modern Britain. We believe that these building blocks, with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing, provide a foundation to empower children to feel safe and happy and achieve across the curriculum and in their future lives.

Our PSHE curriculum is based on the You, Me and PSHE scheme, which covers many topics such as keeping safe and managing risk, mental health and wellbeing and physical health. This is supplemented with resources from other organisations, for example NSPCC, NHS Every Mind Matters and MindMate. We follow a spiral curriculum, with key topics revisited at an age appropriate level, which meets the statutory RSE requirements and is in line with the National Curriculum. We want our PSHE curriculum to enable children to feel safe and confident, be able to identify and manage risk and develop the knowledge and skills to lead a physically and mentally healthy life. 

At St Bartholomew’s, we understand the importance of PSHE and promote it throughout school. We aim to create a safe and happy learning environment for all pupils, where they can speak openly and access further support if needed. Pupils in KS2 complete the My Health My School survey to share their views and this is used to develop our curriculum and ensure it is led by the needs of the children. We also strive to provide our diverse mix of pupils with engaging events and experiences linked to our PSHE curriculum through themed weeks, workshops and visitors from members of our community.

Curriculum - PSHE

Curriculum - PSHE - Useful Links

BBC Bitesize Bullying Clips

BBC Own It



Childline - Calm Zone


Health for Kids

Safety Net Kids


Young Minds


Curriculum - PSHE - First Aid Day

Class 16 had a great day working on first aid skills with Mr Middleton. Children looked at different areas, such as choking, putting people into the recovery position and resuscitation. All children had the opportunity to practise skills learnt. Mr Needham was very impressed with class 16’s attitude and application. 


Curriculum - PSHE - Smoking & Young People

Class 13 have been looking at smoking and how young people may be influenced to try it. 


Curriculum - PSHE - West Yorkshire Police Visit

A member of the West Yorkshire Police came into school to deliver a transition session to year 6 on the following areas:

  • Road Safety
  • Grooming - unsafe behaviour in others
  • Exploitation
  • Weapons
  • The power of saying no
  • Who is here to help me

Children listened carefully and joined in effectively with discussions about the areas above.  


Curriculum - PSHE - How to Keep Safe Week

The children in reception have enjoyed learning about the PANTS rules and have designed their own pairs of pants! Year 1 learnt about respect and asking for permission. They also discussed NSPCC's PANTS rules and loved singing the Pantosaurus song!


Curriculum - PSHE - Personal Space

Class 14 had a great afternoon learning about personal space and how it differed for different people and different situations. Well done everyone.


Curriculum - PSHE - How to Stay Healthy

Class 13 took part in an how to stay healthy workshop, where they learnt ways to keep their bodies healthy.


Curriculum - PSHE - Well-Being

Thank you to School Well Being ( for coming to year 5 and 6 today and teaching us about health and well-being. The children enjoyed participating and then creating their own self care shield.


Curriculum - PSHE - Mindfulness Workshop

Year 6 took part in a mindfulness workshop. We focused on feelings and how we can focus our bodies to help with our emotions.


Curriculum - PSHE - Differences

Today we celebrated our differences by playing difference bingo. We talked to everyone in class to find out more about each other. We were amazed by some of the things we found out about each other. 


Curriculum - PSHE - Children's Mental Health Week

In class 6 this week our PSHE learning linked really well to Children's Mental Health Week as we were exploring how mental health contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We discussed that we all will feel anxious, sad or angry at times but it's important to have strategies to help us feel calm and happy again. We shared lots of strategies, including breathing exercises, colouring, thinking positive thoughts, exercise and resting. 


Curriculum - PSHE - Anti Bullying Week

The children in all year groups enjoyed celebrating Anti-Bullying week by taking part in Odd Socks Day! The theme of this year's week was 'Reach Out' and so the children learnt about who they could reach out to if they needed help. They also thought about how they could be a good friend to others.


Curriculum - PSHE - Teddy Bear Hospital

Reception were very excited to welcome some special visitors to school to run a project called 'Teddy Bear Hospital'. The visitors were students from the University of Leeds who ran workshops based around topics including healthy eating and dental health. They also brought some medical equipment such as stethoscopes for the children to explore.


Curriculum - PSHE - Classroom Kitchen

Year 2 had a great time at their classroom kitchen workshop. They learnt all about healthy eating and then made their own delicious fruit yoghurt pots.


Curriculum - PSHE - Games from around the World

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Dan who came to teach us some playground games. This was linked to our PSHE topic for this half term. We loved learning some games from different places around the world that we can now play ourselves at playtime.


Curriculum - PSHE - Opinions of Others

Class 10 have been learning about respecting the opinions of others in PSHE. We listened to two different versions of the same story and decided whether we thought the villain was really a villain or not. We had the opportunity to ask the characters some questions to help us make our minds up. It was really interesting to see how some of our friends changed their minds based on hearing the other character’s perspective and also by listening to people in our class who had the opposite point of view.


Curriculum - PSHE - Smoking

In PSHE, we have been learning about peer pressure in relation to smoking. We talked about the health risks associated with smoking and then worked in groups to act out scenes from a situation card. We talked about what a good choice would be for each character and concluded that we should never give into peer pressure. 


Curriculum - PSHE - Role Models

Mr Needham was looking over PSHE books from class 15 and saw the work children had completed on role models at the beginning of term. Two children had chosen the Queen - they had written about all the qualities they liked about her.


Curriculum - PSHE - Legal / Illegal Drugs

Well done class 17 who presented their research on legal and illegal drugs in PSHE.

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