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This is a text and image only webpage that can be used to easily translate important updates for those whose first language is not English.

Weekly Newsletter - 17th May 2024

Firstly, a big well done to the Year 6 children who have worked hard all week on their SATs. It is a difficult week and the children tried their best and showed a great attitude. Thank you to all the staff who have supported the children this week.

Nursery – Reminder it is vital children in Nursery arrive on time the doors are open 8.30 to 8.40am. Children arriving late means a member of staff has to leave Nursery to collect them. 

Worship – Our current theme is Service and this week the children have been taking part in daily class worship.

What do you think?
We would like you to share your views of school with us in our annual questionnaire. This year we are trying an online system, the link is below. Please try to complete this, as your views are important to us. There are a set of questions and a space to make additional comments. If you require a personal response, you will need to include details of you and your child so we can get back to you. Please do not use this to report a personal concern, if you have a specific concern or question about your child, you must contact a member of staff.
We know that there are always ways we can improve, we have over 560 children and know things do not always go right but we work very hard to make St Bart’s the best it can be. 

We made changes as a result of your feedback last year, we; 

  • Held a KS2 SATs parent meeting to let you know more about these test and how you can support your child
  • Have had phonics and reading parent meetings for some year groups
  • Consulted again about the Sex and Relationships curriculum
  • Nursery are starting to invite parents into Nursery for different activities
  • Invited parents to Christmas productions, Rock Steady concerts and performances by the choir and drama club
  • Use the school’s website/social media more to show what is going on in school


  • Have invited parents into school to contribute to specific lessons
  • Introduced Emile for homework in KS2
  • Tried a termly homework challenge sheet which has a range of different tasks that can be completed at home and introduced reading and Maths ruck sacks in KS1
  • Offered a lunch tasting opportunity for parents on the school tour
  • Complete regular consultations with the children to ask their views through class parliament
  • Have arranged a year 5 residential 
  • Continued to extend the range of visits including in KS1
  • Extended the opportunities for more after school clubs including construction, drama, choir
  • Have tried to help with the parking/traffic issues and the council are now looking at making Strawberry Lane a ‘School Street’
  • Have continued to remind parents/carers about parking safely
  • Continued to provide free PE t-shirt to all children
  • Continued to collect and provide second hand uniform
  • Redistributed the Uniform Quick Guide to remind parents of the expectations


In To Win!
Attendance – Next week we will hold our half-termly raffles for children who have been here over 96%, children who have been in every Friday and those who are in all next week. Remember we start again every half term so all children have a chance of winning.
Governors Update - SATS – Some of our governors have been in school during Year 6 tests, this is to make sure we are following all the guidelines and the children are managing the week the best they can.

Teaching & Learning Committee – The governors on the committee who are responsible for the curriculum, target setting, assessment and outcomes, quality of teaching and School Improvement Planning have had their termly meeting. They discussed the spring data and end of year predictions and staff explained what we are doing to support the children in different year groups. Miss McCaffrey gave an update of reading in school. Some of the governors who have visited school discussed their report about what they saw. We explained about what we do to support transition for September at all stages and showed them the end of year report templates, which they need to make sure meets national expectations.

Tour of School – The first tour of school was very successful and we have been asked to organise another one.  

It will be on Thursday 13th of June at 3.30pm. If you want to attend, the tour please let the office know and they will add you to the list. It is an opportunity to see where your children spend a lot of their time.
Here is some of the feedback after the tour:

  • ‘Lovely seeing the school after 25 years.’
  • ‘Thank you for being so approachable and accessible.’
  • ‘I loved the library area the most.’
  • ‘A well-kept school with a good atmosphere.’


  • Children must come to school in their uniform, even in the hot weather and for PE 
  • Please read the information we sent about head lice and check your children’s hair regularly
  • Parking outside school is very limited, walk if you can and park safely and legally
  • Children who bring their own lunch MUST NOT bring any nut products and their lunch should be healthy and not contain sweets

Something Mrs Wainwright has enjoyed this week was seeing the chicks and ducklings in early years.  The children were so excited and keen to show me and could tell me all about them.  What a great start to learning about animal life cycles and how to care for them.

Attendance Winners for last week:  

  • KS1 Class 2 - 98.3%          
  • KS2 – Class 11 – 98.8% 

Whole School Attendance for last week:    

  • Nursery: 91.8%    
  • Reception to Year 6: 96%

Weekly Round Up 

Nursery - This week we have been observing our ducklings. The children enjoyed watching them swim and splash in the water tray and this week we sadly must say goodbye to them as they are going back to a farm. Our story of the week has been Titch. We have talked about our families, brothers and sisters and we looked at us as babies and how we have changed. Thank you to all who sent in a baby photograph - the children really loved sharing them with their peers. We measured all the children and talked about who is the tallest and who is the shortest. We have been learning about dental hygiene. The children had a go in brushing fake teeth and talked about what is good and what is bad for our teeth. We have also gone on a little trip around the school playground. We have visited the Book Bus and read stories inside it. Well done to all the children who walked sensibly to the bus and back.

Reception – This week in Reception, we have been caring for our chicks. We have really enjoyed watching them grow. We cannot believe how fast they have grown and are starting to get their feathers. We have had them out on the carpet and children were really brave handling them. We have been talking about the life cycle of a chick and other animals. We have been learning that all living things have a life cycle and have been ordering the life cycle of a sunflower. Our beans have begun shooting and there has been lots of talk about how plants grow and the different parts of a plant. Next week we will be learning about mini beasts and the life cycle of a caterpillar. 

Year 1 & 2 – In Design Technology this week children in Year 1 have been learning different types of stitches - such as the running stitch - in order to sew their puppet designs. The children are designing puppets based on the different characters they have read about this year in English such as an animal from the Ugly Five or Stickman. We cannot wait to see their finished puppets! In Year 2, the children have worked hard in their Art lessons and thought carefully about the different colours that they may see on a seaside landscape. They have dyed fabric the colour of the sea and have now been using this fabric, along with wool, paper and crepe paper to weave a seaside landscape onto their mini looms. 

Year 3 & 4 – This week, Years 3 and 4 have enjoyed mummifying a tomato! This taught us about preservation and helped us learn more about Ancient Egypt. We also linked this knowledge to our previous learning about the Stone Age era. We also saw a real life mummy on our recent trip to Leeds City Museum. In English, Year 3 and 4 have been looking at explanation texts. Year 4 enjoyed writing up how the pyramids were built. In French lessons, we have been recording videos to send to a French school to teach them about what life is like in the UK. 
Remember, the week we come back from half term (W/C June 3rd) is the multiplication check for Year 4. Where possible, please allow your child to go on times table rockstars. It will really help them, both with this check and with future mathematics learning. 

Year 5 & 6 – Year 6 SATs Week -A big thank-you to all the children for their hard work in SATs week. The children were amazing and they applied themselves magnificently!  We are very proud of them all!

The children in Year 6 have plenty to look forward to, including their trips to Flamingo Land. A reminder that we are taking voluntary contributions for Flamingo Land – we would really appreciate voluntary donations from all children.  

Lessons - In Art, we have finished our Greek God pictures! In Music, we have enjoyed rehearsing and performing K Pop! In History, we have looked at Alexander the Great and what he contributed to the Greek Empire.

Personal Possessions - A reminder:  Children who bring mobile phones into school (reminder:  mobile phones only need to be brought into school if children travel to school and home on their own), keys, or anything else such as bus passes, need to be handed into the class teacher every morning.

School Dates 2023 - 2024:

  • Friday 24th May 2024                School Closes at 3.30pm
  • Monday 3rd June 2024                School Opens at 8.30am
  • Friday 14th June 2024                Training Day- No Children in School
  • Friday 19th July 2024                School Closes Summer Break at 3.30pm 

FAO Families - Measles and Whooping Cough

Head lice is a common problem especially in children aged 4-11. Whilst they are largely harmless they can be difficult to identify, frustrating to treat, and can spread quickly among children. 

Please visit our website (See link below) for advice leaflets to support families with identification and management of head lice. These are available in English, Romanian and Slovak.

Headlice Information Link

FAO Families - Measles and Whooping Cough

Preventable childhood infections can have a huge impact on a child’s life: they can miss out on education due to time spent unwell, be hospitalised, and have life-long complications such as deafness, blindness, encephalitis (infection of the brain) and paralysis. Sometimes they can cause death. 

There are increased cases of measles and whooping cough, with outbreaks around the country, so there is an urgent need to ensure children are vaccinated and protected against these serious illnesses.

All routine childhood vaccinations are free, and even if your child misses any doses, you can book a catch-up appointment with your GP practice. 

Check their Red Book or contact your GP practice to check they’re up to date.