St Bartholomew’s takes great pride in the personal development of all its learners and we appreciate how the curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical and vocational. All learners at St Bartholomew’s will have the opportunity to discover and develop their interests and talents.  

We place a great emphasis on supporting learners to develop their character, including their resilience, confidence and independence and in helping to keep physically and mentally healthy.

St Bartholomew’s prepares its learners for:

  • Future success in their next steps.
  • Prepare for life in modern Britain. 
  • Equip learners to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society.
  • Develop understanding of fundamental British values. 
  • Develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity.
  • Celebrate what we have in common.
  • Promote respect for the different protected characteristics as defined in law.