At St Bartholomew’s all children have access to 2 hours of physical activity a week. Each class is allocated a one hour lesson in the new MUGA which has just been built. We are currently using GetSet4PE scheme which has provided staff with lots of new ideas and a variety of different sports for the children learn.

This year we have purchased lots of new equipment to ensure each child has the correct equipment for the lesson. Each class has their own equipment for break and lunch times to promote physical activity. The school has bought into the West Leeds School Sports Partnership. This allows the school to enter organised sports competitions each week, these range from year 1 to year 6. We also receive support from a qualified sports coach from Leeds Rhinos for 3 hours a week. 

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Active Families

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Joe Wicks

Curriculum - Physical Education - Leeds Rhinos Player Visit

Last week year 4 had a an exciting visit from Leeds Rhino's player Joe Gibbons. Joe talked about what it takes to become a professional rugby player and did a Q and A session with the children. Afterwards Joe visited some of the classrooms and signed autographs.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Tennis

Class 9 enjoyed their first tennis session with Ellie today. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Learning Dodgeball

We continued learning about Dodgeball and played a mini tournament.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Balance

This week have all enjoyed our first PE session. We were focusing on our balance this week. We used beanbags to balance on our heads while we stood on one leg, walk around the hall and go through hoops and over hurdles. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Dancing

Unfortunately the rain has stopped Class 11 getting outside for P.E, but it hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for exercise. We have been following a few different dances in the class room instead.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Football (8 A Side)

Class 15 enjoyed their PE lesson. They practiced their passing and dribbling skills and finished the session of with a quick 8 aside game of football.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Sports Day (Y4)

Year 4 spent Wednesday morning competing in their sports day. They took part in hit the wickets, cheat push, agility run, obstacle course, middle run, long jump, javelin and speed bounce. They all did very well working as a team to collect as many points possible as a class, followed by a sprint race. Each class was split into a boys and a girls race, with the top 3 going through to a year group final. Class 12 managed to sneak the most points for the different events, but class 11 managed to take the top 3 spots for both the boys and girls races. Well done to all who took part. They all tried very hard and I know their teachers were very proud of them. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Armley Tennis Club

Class 12 loved their come and try session at Armley Tennis Club. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mission Out Trip

Class 13 and year 5 children in class 15 had an amazing day at Mission Out. The day began with team building activities – children developed their communication and problem solving skills during this time and it was nice to see the children celebrate each time an activity was completed successfully! Children then went onto the high ropes! It was lovely to see the children complete their own challenges (some completed level 1, some completed level 2 and some completed level 3). Children should be very proud of their accomplishments on the high ropes! It was then time for lunch before the children were able to explore the rest of what Mission Out had to offer, including the jump tower, swings and venturing out on to the lake!
Well done to all that visited as the behaviour of children was exemplary!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Handball

The children were excellent in the local competition and showed some great skills.


Curriculum - Physical Education - BMX Biking

The children had a fantastic time on the pump track.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking

The children loved going around the tracks at Middleton Bike park.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating

The children loved their experience ice skating.


Class 7 have been outside practicing our throwing and catching skills in PE. Once we have mastered this we will be using rackets and building in defending skills. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Basketball

Well done to the basketball team who played extremely well in a local basketball competition.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Year 3 / Year 4 - Football

They did fantastically well progressing out of their group and narrowly missed out on penalties to qualifying to the next round.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Bowling

Children had a fantastic time at bowling. Stacey joined the 100 club with a magnificent score of 103.


Curriculum - Physical Education - The Hand Jive

Class 13 have been working on the 'Hand Jive' in PE. Watch their amazing performance!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Matball

Class 5 have been learning a new game called mat ball with the PE coach Leon. It’s a bit like dodgeball! We have really enjoyed playing it and can’t wait to play it again. 


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