Below are expectations that parents, carers and children will be expected to respect and adhere to:


Parents are expected to: 

  • Support their child in adhering to the school rules. 
  • Inform the school of any changes in circumstances that may affect their child’s behaviour.  
  • Follow school expectations for dropping off/collecting children. 
  • Attend meetings (including communication over the phone), regarding their child when requested. 


The School Rules 

Pupils are expected to:

  • Be kind, helpful and respectful towards everyone in school. 
  • Stay inside the recognised school boundaries. 
  • Move quietly around the school. 
  • In class, make it possible for all pupils to learn. 
  • Treat the school buildings and school property with respect. 
  • Refrain from behaving in a way that brings the school into disrepute, including when outside of school. 
  • Accept sanctions when given. 
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times. 

In addition to this, each class devises its own rules. These will be appropriate to the age range of the class. They will be discussed and agreed with the children.

Behaviour Documents