School of Sanctuary Assembly - Well Done St Bart's!

28 June 2017

You may remember at the start of the 2016/2017 academic year we set ourselves the challenge of becoming a School of Sanctuary. After a year of hard work by the whole school, we were visited by Melanie Hadida today from City of Sanctuary. While she was here, School Council showed her all the work we have done over the past year to make our school a more welcoming and safe place for refugees. We know our school is an amazing place for anyone to come to, but we have worked extra hard this year!

Melanie was really impressed with our school and the evidence we presented her with. She said she has never had such a solid application and was hugely impressed with our portfolio of work and the environment of our school. In fact, she was so impressed she has asked us to become a mentor school, to help out other school who want to be a safe and welcoming place, just like ours.

Mrs Gavin accepted the award and thanked Mrs Brown, Miss Ingleson and all the children for their hard work.

Our award will take pride of place in our school entrance hall for everyone to see when they visit us. Well done St Bart's. another example of great team work and a desire to make positive changes to where we, and others, learn.

School of Sanctuary Assembly - Well Done St Bart's!